Saturday, June 26, 2010

Xem VanAdams: Homophobia within the Hip Hop Community & Mainstream Media

Xem VanAdams, Award Winning Blogger/Media Personality, tackles the touchy subject of homophobia within the Hip Hop community and music industry as a whole - along with the stigma attached to the black male public image. Poignant, honest and insightful - VanAdams discusses the recent Wale debacle, where the rapper initially canceled his performance from this year's DC Black Pride (he later did perform) and the effect that the mainstream media has on closeted gays within the hip hop community and beyond.

Much like Tamela covered in her "Rising Above the Down Low Culture," post, this IS an epidemic within the black community more so than in any race combined. VanAdams speaks openly on the effect of misguided homophobia, gender issues within the black community and ultimately the responsibility closeted public figures should embrace : openly teaching tolerance and acceptance by being examples, thus giving those who believe in the stigmas attached with the male and female image, the opportunity to live freely.

With the mission statement of Conquering The WORLD, One WORD At A Time, Van Adams gives it to you - no holds barred.

For more of VanAdams and his 'straight, no chaser' take on the world today, check out his site: here

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