Monday, June 14, 2010

Twitter speaks: S-E-X

This week, we will be featuring quotes from our readers who answer our question of the week:
What does sex mean to you?

"Sex should be fun, IMO. Sex is beautiful w/someone you love, but sex and love doesn't always have to go together. "

"Not a damn thang.i dont get it enuff...nearly at all..nor is it eva sooo good..i'd call my momma and give details! (9_9) smh! "

"Sex means to me.....let down your guard and be free with the one U LOVE"

"Depends on the nature of the relationship... if its a comitted relationship then its reflection of love between 2 people... if its casual?? well then... its a sexual frustration reliever... sorry but lets be real!"

 Are you following us on twitter? What's your take? Send us your thoughts on S-E-X in the NYC!

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