Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Unemployed Single Blonde Grows In Brooklyn

One of the greatest treasures we got out of the fifth annual Brooklyn Blogfest (besides delicious strawberry jam Absolut maritini's, and being in the same room as Spike Lee), was Briana Campbell. The Brooklyn Blogger, dubbed MatchGirl, created Unemployed Brooklyn, chronicles of her single, unemployed adventures in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Avoiding the expected woe-is-me-unemployed-during-a-recession bit, Campbell captures not only the angst that comes with being in-between jobs, but also the time to explore and dig deeper into who she is. Time that is never enough when crammed into a fourty-five minute lunch break. Besides all that, she finds a way to relate to everyone, single or taken, working hard or hardly working. And, she does it with a bad ass haircut!

Whether she's giving recommendations on clothes swapping, being candid about dating, or writing about being newly employed, Briana Campbell will keep you reading. She's Sooo New York!

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