Friday, June 18, 2010

"Man. Toy." Photo Exhibit

Now what's sex without some (ahem) equipment? Our wonderful and creatively INSANE (in a good way!) SSNY woman Abigail Ekue, created the "Man. Toy." exhibit centered around what some women might consider the. best. toy. ever.

"I started shooting a series of photos featuring all of my sex toys. As I continued to shoot, the dildo was the most versatile of the toys; it could be placed in more scenarios and still “work” in the photo. That’s how Man. Toy. was born—anywhere you can find man, you can find a dildo. There is an underlying sexual message in the images because of the dildo, but I placed the dildo in non-sexual situations intentionally. "He" becomes a character we follow on various adventures or a sculpture, a piece of art."

Amazed, shocked, yet enthralled like we are? Learn more about Abigail's Ode to A Dildo exhibit here!

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