Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art in Motion: Excess Baggage

She's So New York always encourages our readers and fellow bloggers, writers, artists, etc., to show the beauty and spirit of New York by contributing!

Today we feature a poem by SSNY woman, and She's So New York contributor, Jonell George of Jojo's Spot!

I need you to move out
Take all the baggage you can

And leave Heart Avenue clutter free

What's sad is I was your biggest fan

But you once resided on Relationship Crescent

Heart weighed down with a past love

Rearranged each corner of your life

Forgetting the things you need to let go of...

Instead you unpacked life’s tribulations

Neatly shelved past hopes and dreams

Hung up your fears in loves closet

Threw out your self esteem...

Now fears boxes are ready to go

Returned is your deposit fee

Please leave Insecurity's driveway

And don't forget my key...

© Jonell George 2010
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