Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SSNY At The Fifth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest

The line of pre-registered attendees, waiting get inside the Brooklyn Lyceum. Once admitted, guests were quickly ushered to mingle, and get a drink at the espresso bar. Espresso: the official beverage of writers.

It started out as one of those evening's that were not off to a good start. Portia was steady trying to convince hubby that she wouldn't stay out too late, leaving him with their two boys. I was running late (as usual), coming straight from work, dragging my feet to Brooklyn. I don't hate Brooklyn. I just don't like most parts.

In any event, the moment we we got our pre-registered seats inside the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope, we were overwhelmed by the talent that filled the room.

Sponsored by Absolut Brooklyn, Blogfest was hosts to a slew of prominent and proud Brooklyn bloggers.

The event was filled with excepts from top blogs, along clips of some really incredibly breathtaking photography blogs, and a panel of passionate Brooklynites. After a speech on the importance of Brooklyn blogging by Spike Lee, followed by an in-depth Q and A, writers, photographers, and everyone else began mingling like mad, exchanging information and taking notes. As you can imagine, SSNY got down with the best of them!

Meet the panel: Lead by Andrea Bernstein (WNYC journalist), panelists consisted of Heather Johnston (So Good TV), Atiba Edwards, Jake Dobkin (Gothamist), Faye Penn (Brokelyn), and Petra Symister (Bed Stuy Blog)

By the end of the evening, Mrs. Walker and I had enough time to get a bite to eat and be giddy about all the networking we accomplished. She was home in time to make hubby smile, and I arrived back home in Manhattan with a renewed love for Brooklyn.

Lemon Andersen, warming up the stage for Spike with his Ode to Brooklyn

Spike Lee, doin' the right thing by promoting and encouraging more Brooklyn bloggers.

Portia, with XD of the XD Experience

Me, with  Aaron Costa Ganis, one of the performers in Blog Aloud, a short reading adapted from various Brooklyn blog posts

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