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TV WATCH: The Bad Girls Club

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Today, the minds behind "The XD Experience," (and He Say/She Say panelists) X.D. and Archer give you their take on last night's episode of "The Bad Girls Club Miami." Agree/Disagree? Comment!

 Episode 3: Where's the Money, Honey?

Brandi (b.k.a. Chippy B.)
Archer: Well well well, these bad girls are…kind of weak. There were a whole lot of tears splashing around.

XD: Chippy B didn’t need to be crying over a tattoo. If you can make one cheek freeze then a tattoo should be nothing.

Archer: All those girls were going in on Erica but for her to say that she’s intimidating…girl.

XD: Her jaw is intimidating

Archer: I love that Kristen expresses her feelings about Erica every chance she gets lol.

Iron Jaw Erica
XD: That was completely unnecessary. Erica was chillin…or her jaw was chillin minding her own business.

Archer: Well its all because Erica was blatantly rude during the first episode and Kristen had to put her in her place

XD: That was two episodes ago, get over it.

Archer: So... Kristen’s mom.

Kristen on the phone with Mom
XD: I love her. We should be friends’ she gives me “woman who lunch.” Kristen is a spoiled brat.

Archer: I love Kristen and all her spoiled glory, she’s still real. She reminds me of Anna Nicole.

XD: God rest her soul.

Archer: Moving on to Lea and the married man. Abrasive much?

Lea on the phone with her married guy
XD: He had some nerve trying to tell her to leave so that they could be together. Cat was right, men always know their self worth. Besides her other boo was cuter.

Archer: Jeff is a second rate Brody Jenner. More like forth rate.

XD: He looks like Chandler from “Friends”. He has that whole douche bag thing. His attitude is strong, Erica’s face is strong…it works I see why she’s attracted to him and Danielle is a whore.

Archer: Cat went all the way off over a few dollars.

XD: Cat did go a little overboard she didn’t know when to shut up. If Jeff did offer then that’s different but about Erica that’s none of her business.

Archer: She’s CRAZY lol.

XD: She held her ground., she held her own. You’re in the BGC you know what kind of women they are.

Archer: She spat on him!
XD: He spat on her!

Archer: And Danielle was STILL trying to get it in, literally.

XD: I appreciated her then. She’s still a whore but I appreciate her trying to get her boots knocked.

Archer: Then Brandi started breaking shit.

Brandi rallying the troops?
XD: Brandi just needed to shut the hell up. She wanted to be apart so bad. You’re not helping the situation.

Archer: What got me was that Erica was really blocking for him every time Cat attacked.

XD: Brandi trying to push Kristen to stop Erica was like *files nails*

Archer: Kristen really wanted Cat to hurt Erica

XD: Kristen plays prissy white girl. I’m going to let my black friend fight because she can take care of herself…because she’s black.

Archer: Cat regulates. She walks in “Lets discuss it” then walks out.

XD: Why was Danielle there? I didn’t get it. 

Archer: She was background noise.

XD: Danielle is an extra.

Archer: Zach not being able to pay for a bagel, I mean after the all the stuff that went on the night before did he not learn?

XD: I don’t know why she was complaining about him paying for a bagel when she said she only had 2 dollars to her name.

Archer: She said that? I missed that one.

XD: Mhm

Archer: Lea’s other man gave me douche appearance.

XD: Adam HESOFAHN I love him. He didn’t like it too much when she said she’s leaving Miami.

Archer: Danielle and Erica have an alliance.

XD: This aint Survivor or Big Brother!

Archer: LOL

XD: The too broke bitches are besties? O ok

Archer: Kristen loves to throw stuff.
Drunk Kristen crying after fight

XD: I think Kristen has some kind of psychological disorder. Erica was chillin being ugly and here come Kristen and her chunky self creating all this noise at an unchristian hour. Kristen didn’t have to break all there target d├ęcor like that.

Archer: Ahahahaha. Shut up!

XD: Next week is going to be a lot of yelling, I’m going to watch it on mute.

Archer: Wait! Can we talk about the Snuggie Macarena?

XD: Greatest commercial on tv today!

Tell us what you think: Was Catya wrong for fighting with Jeff over money? Let's discuss!

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The Bad Girls Club airs Tuesdays at 9PM on Oxygen!

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